Have you thought of joining an eCommerce business app or better known as a B2B app? If yes, then you have made the right decision to grow your product sales. Since the last decade, there has been a tremendous rise in B2B eCommerce adaptability among product wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers.

In this digital age, product manufacturing and distributing stakeholders have the opportunity to extend sales patterns through a business app. Concerning the same, it is imperative to understand the B2B order management process easily via this easy-to-understand blog.

Understanding B2B Order Management 

A B2B order management system is a technical feature available on the online business app that allows you to manage your orders digitally. This system enables you to track orders placed by business clients and manage the fulfillment process with ease.

Here's the workflow of the order management system.

  • Your sales representative enters the order placed by the business customers into the application's feature and tracks the current status.
  • Once checked, an order confirmation is sent to the business customer.
  • The ordered products are reserved and allocated accordingly.
  • The order is sent to the warehouse for picking, packaging, and shipping.
  • A dispatch confirmation is reflected on the same system.
  • The order is finally delivered to the customer and acceptance/rejection status appears on the order management system of the B2B eCommerce platform.

What is Order Management System?

From the above workflow, you must have got the least idea of understanding the order management system of a B2B platform. If not, then in simple terms, this system is a tool or a feature available on the business-to-business app which is used to track the order status, inventory details, and shipment.

There are different types of order management systems that can be used as per your preference.

  • eCommerce backend
  • Spreadsheets
  • Standalone order management software
  • Retail and B2B operations platforms
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

How B2B Order Management System Helps You?

An effective order management system available on a reliable B2B eCommerce platform helps streamline the enterprise process. It can digitally aid you in managing, tracking, and finding all product orders with ease.

  • Manage on all sales platforms: This system has the capability to handle multichannel or omnichannel operations with ease. No matter, from which particular demographic your customers placed the order, you can look at the entire product buying cycle from a single system. This helps save time for your business stakeholders not to rely on the traditional back-and-forth mediums of knowing order, shipping, delivery, and other statuses. You can have a close look at all orders, even if customers placed the same via mobile phone or any device.

  • Paperless medium: A reliable order management system on a B2B eCommerce app is fully Cloud-based software. It helps businesses save infrastructural costs to an optimum extent. When everything is on the Cloud-based system, then it becomes simple for enterprises to seek any data, share information, and look at the real-time product status from any location.

  • Centralized information platform:B2B eCommerce order management system is a centralized platform. It provides the entire product lifecycle information to the related stakeholders from any device or location. Thus, it makes enterprises manage operations effectively and seamlessly.

  • Decrease supply chain complexities: By centralizing your order management operations via the B2B app, you can have better control over business operations. You will get every minute of information related to order picking, packing, shipping, delivery, confirmation, feedback, and much more. 


Managing your entire product-based business via a B2B app and its features has become a profitable deal for several enterprises. It is simple to manage orders, clients, and business reputation digitally and extensively. Even the digital order management system ensures maximum efficiency and a better control system.